Domestic GLB Installation

Domestic GLB Installation

At GARO, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and after sales service. We recently had great pleasure of working with Robert White, a homeowner who recently had a Garo charger installed by Martin Crowley Electrical for his personal use.

When Robert initially contacted us to help him with his project, the wholesaler had failed to communicate that an additional piece of kit would be needed to meet his desired specifications. Fortunately, our GARO Excellence Team was able to quickly source and install the piece of kit, allowing the job to be completed successfully.


Robert was recommended to use GARO by MCK Electrical in Cork and his installer  Martin Crowley Electrical and the advice was spot-on. He was extremely impressed with GARO, especially with our after sales service. Shane O'Keefe, provided exceptional customer service and Robert was very pleased with the entire experience.

In discussing the future of electric vehicles charging, Robert was particularly interested in the emerging technologies as well as the potential use of hydrogen in cars. He also suggested a one-stop-shop where GARO could offer full charging installations.

At GARO, we take customer service seriously and it is our priority to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied and that their expectations are met. We are delighted that Robert was pleased with his experience and we are more than happy to assist him in any future needs.

We are excited for the future on how electric vehicles and charging infrastructure are shaping our society and proud to be a part of this journey. We want to make the transition to electric vehicles and chargers as seamless as possible and are dedicated to providing the best service with our GARO Excellence Team available nationwide and products to our customers. We hope that our commitment to excellent customer service will continue to make homeowners, workplaces, retail parks and the likes happy to make the transition over to EV.


" I was extremely impressed with GARO, especially with their after sales service. " - Robert White 

For more details please contact our GARO excellence team.