Fast chargers are designed for a long life in public environments. They charge most types of rechargeable cars and are perfect where people do short, quick errands and need a quick top-up of electricity, such as at fast food restaurants, gas stations or rental car companies. 

With an RFID tag, it is easy for the user to identify themselves and start charging. These DC chargers are also OCPP compatible, which means they are completely operator independent. 

Of course, the fast chargers can also be dressed in self-designed foiling to be able to have the opportunity to strengthen their brand and show off their contribution to the environment.

Rapid 120/180

Rapid 120/180

The rapid charger RAPID 120/180kW is created to deliver power even to the most demanding vehicles. The charging station has been designed to meet the highest requirements and quality standards and offers the best performance in terms of energy management, communication, reliability and efficiency. With the possibility of charging two cars at the same time, it makes an attractive solution at fast food chains, shopping centres and grocery stores as well as in other places where the need for fast charging is great. The open interface in the charging station also creates the freedom to choose any operator for your current business.

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