LS4 Charging Pillars

LS4 Charging Pillars

Quality and Design for business

Robust and proven chargers with high quality, future-proof connectivity & OCPP support. 

GARO’s LS4 station is manufactured from marine grade aluminium. It's construction allows it to be directly bolted to the ground (e.g. concrete), or mounted on a pole assembly. The top of the charger features a  360° light indicator which displays the charge status of each station from a distance.

The front of the charge point is illuminated and available for complete customisation with a logo and instructions for customers. The station is equipped with two illuminated Type 2 sockets that are protected from weather conditions. It has separate protective and residual current circuit breakers for each socket, and an integrated electronic communication system between the station and the car.

The stations are equipped with intelligent controllers for each socket, which enables communication with OCPP. As a part of an installed station group,Dynamic Load Management (DLM) can be activated, which dynamically controls the power of each LS4 socket working in the group.

• Simple and intuitive operation

• User identification - RFID reader

• Charger status information

• Optional integration with Back Office (OCPP)

• Built-in communication (4G or LAN) 

• Ability to activate DLM (dynamic load management of each socket)

• Personalisation with branding

• Floor-standing or wall-mounting

• Plug & play installation

• Local and remote monitoring and control of devices

Take full control over charging

Charging features

  • Car charging in Mode 3
  • Type 2 connector from 3.7 kW to 22 kW
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • User identification - RFID reader
  • Charger status information
  • Possibility of integration with Back Office (open OCPP protocol)
  • Built-in communication (3G, LAN)
  • Ability to activate DLM (dynamic power limitation of each socket)

Suitable for:

•    Public Car Parks 
•    Shopping Centres          
•    Bus & Rail Stations     
•    Restaurants & Hotels