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For a fossil-free future to become a reality, it is necessary for both private individuals and companies to change. The logistics and transport industry, contracting companies and other businesses where many work vehicles are required are a central actor in the transition towards an electrified vehicle fleet.

LS4 43kW

LS4 43kW

For heavy traffic, GARO has invested heavily in creating charging stations with high reliability and which are compatible with the operators' cloud services and payment systems. Together with GARO's own environmentally adapted cable cabinet for E-mobility, we deliver a complete preconfigured solution that makes installation both quick and easy regardless of which charging solution you choose.

LS4 43kW is a powerful charging station primarily intended for charging heavier vehicles such as trucks, buses or other electric work vehicles that have on-board chargers of up to 43kW AC. The charging station is designed to withstand a harsh Nordic climate and is available in two different models adapted for different applications. The charging station can be ordered with personal wrapping and always comes with 7.5m meter foxed cable (10 metre cable is available as an option). Of course, the charging station has an open interface, which means that you as a buyer are never locked into a single supplier and have full freedom to choose the operator you prefer.

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