Revolutionise your hotel stay with Guest EV

Revolutionise your hotel stay with Guest EV

The Lake Hotel

The Lake Hotel, recently installed GARO EV charging stations to provide their guests with overnight charging of their electric vehicles.

The hotel chose GARO ‘A good known brand. Known for reliable products and services. The Lake Hotel was very pleased with the sales process, feeling supported throughout, from the initial contact to the installation and full operation of the charger. The 7.4 kW charger was chosen due to its ability to provide overnight charging capability.

By providing guests with a reliable and convenient electric vehicle charging station, the hotel ensures an enjoyable stay for customers, while also contributing to a more sustainable environment.

The 7.4 kW electric vehicle charger adds to a growing network of EV charging locations, making it easier for people to travel and experience different parts of Ireland in their electric vehicles.

With such a positive experience from start to finish, The Lake hotel is excited to have taken this step to remain an attractive destination for EV drivers.


At the Lake house hotel, guests can also enjoy top class service, as the hotel has been run by family for the past 111 years. When you stay here, you can be sure that you’ll be provided with a positive and safe charging experience.