GARO Entity PRO - Third-Party Certified charging box with unique security solution

GARO has chosen to third-party certify GARO Entity Pro in order to quality-assure the product, ensure that it complies with applicable directives, laws and standards as well as the rigorous tests carried out during product development. GARO Entity Pro therefore has an approved unique built-in solution regarding electrical safety in the charging box. End users, customers and installers can therefore feel secure that the product delivers what it promises.


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“Throughout the GARO Entity development project, we have had an uncompromising focus on product safety. This has been our main priority in order to beable to offer the safest product on the market, both today and tomorrow. Third-party certification is essential from several perspectives. Our end users should be able to sleep well at night while their car is charging and the installation engineers should feel safe during and after the installation," says Patrik Andersson, CEO of GARO Group.

The certification was carried out by the well-established certification company TÜV SÜD in Germany. The product was tested and approved according to the international standard for EV charging (IEC61851*). The approval includes a number of underlying standards. Thus, testing has been carried out in areas such as harmful environmental impact over several months. Extensive EMC testing has also been carried out, which aims to ensure that the product does not interfere with, and is not interfered with by, other electronic equipment. In addition, the wall box comes with superior security functions compared with those required by the standard.

“The certification shows that we as a company assume responsibility for the products we offer on the market. GARO Entity Pro, which began shipping in the first quarter of this year, is based on a new technical platform and includes several protections built into the product. In this way, we take greater responsibility for safety and the entire installation, as in many other solutions this needs to be purchased by the electrician and installed separately in existing or new distribution cabinets or between wall boxes when connected in a series in larger installations," says Niklas Rönnäng, Business Area Manager GARO E-mobility.

A wall box is an investment for the future and should last a long time. GARO’s long history in EV charging has always been characterized by the desire to promote safety while being able to deliver smart solutions that simplify daily life. Buying a product that is third-party certified means that you, the buyer, can be confident that the effects of technical risks have been minimized and that people and the environment are protected.

“Third-party certification has become increasingly common in procurements, which we at GARO see as a responsible approach. As a result, we are creating safe charging infrastructure together. The development of the electricity network and the electrification of society require us as a stakeholder to take responsibility for safe and sustainable development," concludes Niklas.


For more information, please contact: Patrik Andersson, CEO GARO Group: +46 (0)76 148 44 44

Niklas Rönnäng, Business Area Manager GARO E-mobility: +46 (0)70 698 09 05


* The product standard for wallboxes is EN 61851-1. In addition, a number of different standards must be complied with. The most relevant standards include IEC 62955 (residual direct current protective devices), IEC 61439-1 (low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies) and a number of EMC standards. GARO Entity Pro is also integrated with relevant individual protections based on EN61008-1 (RCD) and EN60898-