GARO launches the next generation of smart charging boxes for destination charging - GARO Entity

Safety and security have been in focus when developing the new platform, GARO Entity.

GARO launches the next generation of smart charging boxes for destination charging - GARO Entity

The new products now being launched on the European market are a complete offering of charging boxes and services for villas, condominiums, commercial properties and public environments in communities and cities. The products are rigorously tested to ensure that they can withstand a tough Nordic climate and are all approved according to current European electrical and safety standards.

Through GARO Entity, we can offer the market's safest electric car charging, regardless of the environment," says Niklas Rönnäng, who is Business Area Manager E-mobility at GARO.  

GARO Entity is based on an innovative and technical platform that ensures that the products are well prepared to meet the demands and complex systems of the future. The software is based on open APIs, which enables integration with the systems of others, such as energy companies. Together with the GARO Connect cloud service, a comprehensive solution is created that simplifies both use and installation. Through digital and connected functions, completely new possibilities are created for simple and cost-effective electric car charging, for both today's and tomorrow's technology.  

"Our homes are becoming increasingly connected and energy is being produced, stored and transported in completely new ways between units in our homes. This means that more and more people realize the importance of smart, safe and secure electric car charging, which in turn places tough demands on us as a manufacturer. We simply need to ensure that we live up to the high expectations when it comes to safe environments for electric car charging. Through GARO Entity, we show that we have listened to the market's needs," says Niklas.  

A rapidly growing industry requires innovative product development 
GARO Entity is proof of GARO's clear ambition to continuously develop in step with the times, just like the new platform that is developed to meet the electric cars of the future.  

"The electric car industry is in constant change and the rapid development places demands on the industry's players when it comes to dealing with new technology, new electrical standards and possible regulatory changes. We are proud of our uncompromising focus on the safety of our charging boxes as well as our ability to develop future-proof and climate-smart products that will be with us for a long time to come," says Patrik Andersson, president and CEO of GARO. 

For more information, please contact: 

Patrik Andersson, CEO: +46 (0)76 148 44 44 

Niklas Rönnäng, Business Area Manager GARO E-mobility: +46 (0)70 698 09 05