Entity Compact.

Entity Compact.

Minimalist on the outside, powerful on the inside.

The next generation charging box. GARO Entity compact, the new series of complete charging boxes. Future-proofed and adapted for the Nordic climate, GARO Entity makes the family the safest and most secure charging box on the the market. The perfect solution for your home or holiday home. 


Entity Compact

Entity Compact

When you choose the charging box GARO Entity compact, you have not only made a sustainable and climate smart choice, but you can also feel secure that is the one of the safest charging box on the market.

Safe for both users, the car and the household, the charging box contains all built-in protections and it is rigorously tested to cope with all climates. The charging box is third party tested and meets all European electrical and safety standards. The charging box can easily balance the load, which means that the charging effect is adapted to other electricity consumption and you don't have to worry about the main fuse tripping.  Through our investment in security, we simply guarantee that your remaining electricity consumption in your home is not affected by the new charging box.  

Charging Features

Charging Features

  • Meshed Wi-FI
  • Smart Bracket, Modular and expandable to meet changing needs or requirements
  • One outlets ISO 15118 MID - Approved meters ensure accurate user billing
  • Future proof
  • Adjust the brightness and set white mode for a white light
  • 4 colours available


Suitable for : 

  • Homes 
  • Holiday Homes


  • IP65 Rating
  • IK 10 
  • LAN/ 4G 
  • Test Button 
  • Fixed Cable 
  • Smart Phase Balancing 
  • Load Management 
  • GARO Connect App - QR code 
  • PME protection ( UK Only)
  • Lockable 
  • IEC Certified 

Charging cable

The charging cable is always in the right place. The GARO Entity compact is always supplied with a fixed cable. You simply do not have to use the cable that comes with the car. Taking away the step of running to the boot to grab the cable in the rain. Instead, you can feel safe that it sits in the same place all day. 

Depending on where your charging box is placed in your home, you should adapt the length of your cable therefore the fixed cable is available in both five and eight meters. 

GARO Connect app - everything in one place

GARO Connect is a joint app for both, the property owner, the residents and the electrical installer. The app allows ease of use, allowing you to schedule car charging, by time or electricity price and stop or start your car charging remotely. 

The App allows you to monitor and see how much your car is charging in real time and gives you the choice to receive notifications if your charging has been paused due to household or other electrical consumption at a certain time. 

The app provides step by step moves allowing the installer to easily install the charge point. Then, once the charge point has been set up and working, all the control is changed over to the new owner of the charging station. The owner can allow other members access to the charge point at any stage whether it be family members or guests.


We always ensure that future technology developments can be implemented in GARO products. An electric car charger from GARO is a future-proof choice with reliable knowledge and support on hand.

Making life easier with GARO Connect App

Making life easier with GARO Connect App

GARO Connect App